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What are peptides? Peptides consist of two amino acids linked together by their amino and carboxyl groups; eliminating a water molecule in the process and forming a peptide bond. Informally, they are tiny proteins, however, a protein would technically need many more amino acids. By definition, any amino acid chain longer than 50 would constitute as a protein.

How are peptides use? Peptides have been commonly used to: burn fat, build muscle, increase levels of HGH and generally improve athletic performance. However, all peptides sold on are strictly for research purposes and so are not for human consumption.

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Catch up with the very latest news from the scientific peptide world. From peptides legality to copper peptides, here at – we strive to not only provide a safe modern platform for UK customers to purchase peptides, but to also provide a quality outlet for peptide news and information.

Within our news section you may find popular topics covered, including news items discussing peptides for skin tightening and bodybuilding. While not being limited to only speaking about therapeutic peptides, we also include antimicrobial and anticancer peptide information, so be sure to checkout our news page.


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