ACE 083


ACE 083

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ACE 083


ACE 083

ACE-083 is a fusion protein based on a modified form of human follistatin and acts as a ligand trap for transforming growth factor-beta superfamily members, which work to regulate muscle development. The ACE-083 peptide works by binding to activins A and B and myostatin, as well as other ligands in the family and stops them from binding to their receptors [1]. These receptors normally function to switch off muscle growth and muscle cell division, but because the binding is blocked by ACE-083 then muscle growth can continue unrestricted. ACE-083 is a newer form of ACE-031, which demonstrated increases in lean muscle mass and muscle volume in human trials [2]. The peptide also showed promising clinical outcomes when tested as a treatment for several muscle-wasting disorders, including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and Duchenne muscular dystrophy [3]. ACE-083 has been engineered to more potently increase muscle mass and strength more selectively in the muscle in which it has been administered. Animal studies using ACE-083 showed that it induced local muscle growth in a dose-dependent manner [1]. The results of the first human trials of ACE-083 were released in 2018 and showed that muscle volume was increased with increasing doses of ACE-083 [4]. The study also noted that the focused effect of locally acting ACE-083 resulted in levels of muscle growth not previously achievable with other peptides. The promising results from the initial study have led to additional clinical trials, where two studies are investigating the use of ACE-083 in treating patients with muscular dystrophies.

The locally acting nature of ACE-083 means that the peptide should be dissolved in BAC water and administered by intramuscular injection directly to the muscle that you wish to build. Human trials have safely injected ACE-083 up to 2mg per gram of muscle, with the highest doses providing the largest increases in muscle growth. These doses were administered 3 weeks apart. The recommended dose for muscle growth is 1-2 mg per muscle each week with a treatment cycle of 3-4 weeks. The half-life of ACE-083, based on human studies, is estimated to be around 15 days so the washout period following treatment should be at least 2 weeks.

Side effects with ACE-083 at the recommended dosage are minimal due to the local action of the peptide. All reported side effects at these concentrations are mild and the most common side effect is headache.


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